Ceremonial Matcha Drinks

All of our matcha drinks use ceremonial-grade matcha directly imported from Japan. Ceremonial matcha is the highest grade among all the types of matcha. Our ceremonial matcha has a vibrant green color and a smooth texture. 

Matcha Latte – ceremonial matcha with lactose-free whole milk. Oat milk is available for as a vegan option.

Strawberry Matcha – ceremonial matcha with lactose-free whole milk and strawberry syrup. Oat milk is available as a vegan option.

Matcha Green Tea – ceremonial matcha green tea without milk.

Fresh Taro Drinks

Our taro drinks contain a fresh taro scoop, which makes the drinks taste more creamy and natural. 

Fresh Taro Smoothie – a blended creamy taro smoothie with a scoop of fresh taro

Fresh Taro Milk Tea – a creamy taro milk tea over ice with a scoop of fresh taro

Cream Cheese Drinks

Our Cream Cheese is made of fresh cream cheese and fresh heavy whipping cream. It tastes sweet, and creamy, with a hint of saltiness. You can add Cream Cheese Topping to any drinks. It will make the drink even more delicious! 

Jasmine Green Milk Tea with Strawberry Cream Cheese – Jasmine Green Milk Tea has a creamy taste with a hint of Jasmine aroma. The Strawberry Cream Cheese goes very well with this drink.

Cream Cheese Black Tea – Our black tea comes from freshly brewed, premium black tea leaves. Cream Cheese goes well with black tea. Jasmine Green tea is also available. 

Fresh Brown Sugar Boba Milk

Fresh Brown Sugar Milk also called Tiger Sugar Milk. It is a very popular and trendy drink! We use warm brown sugar boba, roasted brown sugar syrup, and lactose-free whole milk! It’s a must-get! Brown Sugar Boba is included!

Thai Iced Milk Tea

Our Thai Iced Milk Tea is made with freshly brewed Thai tea, condensed milk, and non-dairy creamer! It’s very creamy! It’s also one of our best-selling items!

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