Quality Boba

Our mission is to serve quality boba to our customers.

Are you looking for a quality boba tea place in Arizona?

You probably have been to some boba tea places that boba tastes too hard/too mushy/too bland and the tea tastes watering down. Have you been looking for a boba tea store that knows what they are doing? Here you go, you find the right boba tea place!

Ni Hao Tea is a premium, Arizona local boba tea store that focus on quality. Quality is what separates us from other boba tea shops. With years of boba experience, we specialize providing quality drinks to our customers! 

Here are some examples of how we ensure quality: 

  • Some boba tea shops who only cook boba in the morning and use it the whole day, our boba is cooked every 2-3 hours to ensure its fresh, warm, soft while chewy.
  • We do not use any tea powders for our tea drinks. All of our tea drinks are made of freshly brew premium black tea, green tea, and thai tea leaves.
  • We carry specialty drinks that you will not find anywhere else in Chandler like Fresh Taro Smoothie that contains freshly-steamed real taro paste, Matcha Latte and Strawberry Matcha that use ceremonial-grade Matcha, Cream Cheese Foam that uses real whipping cream and cream cheese, and more.